Financial Foundations
Financial Foundations


Financial Foundations

Building Financial Freedom One Tool at a Time.

Financial Foundations is a conversational guide to money management, highlighting the importance of building relationships with the right people, the tools you need to establish wealth, and a roadmap from financial fear to financial freedom.

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"Not since Dave Ramsey have I been this impressed with such a beautiful financial mind...This book will help everyone from a high level C.E.O. to the average Joe just trying to keep his head above water financially."

Dr. R.A.Vernon
CEO & Senior Pastor of "THE WORD" Church in Cleveland, OH

Meet LaRese Purnell, M.B.A.

  • LaRese Purnell is a native of Cleveland, Ohio and the youngest of three siblings. He attended the University of Toledo and attained a Bachelor’s degree in Professional Sales and Marketing, as well as a Master’s of Business Administration in Finance.

    LaRese is sensitive to the plight of the underserved because he has experienced their same dilemmas. As a child, LaRese was shuffled through many of Cleveland’s homeless shelters. His memories of those who helped by investing their time and money into his family, motivate him to give back to the community he was once a part of, as well as the community at large.

    LaRese is a family man who proudly professes God as the Head of his household. He has two wonderful children who are being nurtured as wealth builders of their own generation.

What Financial Foundations Teaches

Based on both biblical and practical principles, LaRese addresses the most fundamental money questions and concerns people have.

The six most important tips you’ll learn:

  1. Chapter One: The Blueprint: The Basics of Budgeting
  2. Chapter Three: Let's Settle the Score: Understanding Your Credit Score
  3. Chapter Four: Who's in your lineup: Power of Five
  4. Chapter Seven: Community Impact: Financial Institutions
  5. Chapter Nine: Wise Choices: Invest in your Future.
  6. Chapter Eleven Young Money: Youth And Their Finances
Financial Foundations


"(Financial) Foundations is a smart read that not only brings financial issues to the forefront, but breaks them down in the simplest of terms making it easy to apply and share the advice."
George Fraser
Chairman and CEO, FraserNet, Inc.

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Financial Foundations Reviews

Financial Foundations is an invaluable resource. It is a toolkit of timely, relevant, and useful material, providing the information you need to make sensible financial decisions."

Rita Haynes, CEO Emeritus, Faith Community United Credit Union

Financial Foundations offers a no fluff approach to building wealth. It's packed with valuable information I will use for years to come. I am recommending this book to anyone who is serious about the past,present and future of their financial affairs."

J. Watley, Amazon Verified Purchase

I am glad to see that LaRese has taken his knowledge and expertise, packaged it in a book and is sharing it with all of us. This is a must read for all and not just to be read, but to be shared as well. If you have a book club, make sure you start the New Year with this book."

Valarie J. McCall, Cleveland City Hall

This book "Financial Foundations" is a must have! I say that because I've observed how LaRese Purnell operates from a business perspective with the finances of the largest church in northeast Ohio, The "WORD CHURCH." His countless advice for me and other young men has been a blessing. To see him actually live out what he's teaching is the very reason you should purchase a copy! Get a grip on your finances this coming new year!"

Twan Steele, Patient Care Coordinator at Cleveland Clinic